Monday, July 12, 2010

Never Fear

So, with this insanely horrible infection I've had that's made me pretty sick, I'm a bit off schedule. But, never fear! I'll be attempting to continue forward this week. The only day I MIGHT drop off the radar is on Tuesday (tomorrow) because I'm having my second of three procedures to try and make me all better vs. dying. The third procedure is next Tuesday, so expect me to possibly disappear then, too, unless I manage to get online and write a semi-decent post.


Before I forget -- you've still got a little less than two weeks to vote on the poll (side bar to the right) for what YOU would like to see added to the blog. It's your chance to have some say in the changes. =]

So, the schedule I've got planned for the posts this week..:

+ Monday: Obviously, this post.

+ Tuesday: Probably won't be posting.

+ Wednesday: Craving to Read - my own take on Wanting On Wednesday.

+ Thursday: Review

+ Friday: Preview of what may be coming.

How's that for a line up? Not too awesome, I know. But with how sick I've been, plus the procedures, it's a little hard to push myself a whole lot. So bear with me, folks. I'm not dead, and don't plan to be anytime soon.


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