Monday, June 29, 2009


The party was AMAZING!
My entire group dressed up -- including the boyfriend & me. Obviously, we were the Joker and Harley Quinn. The decorations were FANGTASTIC!

As was the face painting. (It was fun having loads of people come up to me & Taylor, knowing who we were & taking pics!)

Even Heather's husband, Paul (one of my absolute favorite people on the planet, might I add) was in on the party spirit -- he was dressed as Otis Otis! We found my shirt and his outfit needed to be documented in a photo together.

And, of course, another of my absolute favorite people, and the whole reason we went out of state -- Heather.

All in all, it was absolutely amazing! And a load of fun, with games, goodies, and prizes. Not to mention Tenth Grade Bleeds was available for purchase!
It was really neat seeing all these people there, celebrating Vlad, screaming for Heather, and just all around honestly loving Heather and her books. I've known Heather since the first release, and recall my first signing with her, and how each have grown since. And honestly, I'm very proud to know someone so wonderful who has come so far.

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